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Custom Saw Cutting

Hydmech M 20A Bandsaw

Reliable Tube operates three Hydmech M 20A Bandsaws.  We can offer custom saw cutting to your specifications from our stock steel tubing lengths.

The maximum capacity the saws can process is up to 20" diameter.  We can cut to length with square cuts and miter cut from 89 to 30 degrees.  Cut parts are often marked with item numbers or cut lengths to optimize your sorting and assembly time.  We can nest your cutting needs with our stock steel tubing lengths in order to minimize your scrap factor.  Send us an email or call with your cutting needs we can return you a quick quote and time estimate.


Reliable Tube operates its own delivery trucks.  Receiving your order when its needed can be crucial to you and maintaining control of your order to the moment of delivery is important to us.

We have two flat deck tractor trailer units that offer prompt deliveries from our floor stock to our commercial customers around the lower mainland of B.C.  We can coordinate deliveries to suit your time and space demands.